Thursday, June 14, 2012

Was it a great road trip? That's a clown question, bro.

Wednesday, the Nats finished up their epic road trip that included stops in Boston and Toronto with yet another win, making the road trip a clean sweep. Everything seems to be clicking in the 6 games except for Zim, whose had trouble so far this season, and Michael Morse whose still getting used to major league pitching. It's a lot more troubling in Zimmerman's case because it has gone all season long. Morse is basically going through spring training and the first few weeks of April at the same time. He has a few weeks to heat up still. Harper was on fire during the road trip and not just on the field. When a Canadian reporter asked Bam Bam if he would enjoy a Canadian beer as celebration, Harper retorted,"that's a clown question, bro." Harper's religion prevents him from consuming alcohol during his life, thus the response. Around DC, the fans are already loving it and using it in almost every instance. There are T-shirts with it on em and it may have found its way into DC lore.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Sum-up

With another week in the books, the Nationals find themselves with another series victory and an opportunity for a sweep at Fenway Park. So far this year, the Nats have only lost one series, the sweep in Miami. Pretty spectacular. The Nationals still find themselves atop the NL East by a good cushion and the rival Phillies have seemed to fall apart without Roy Halladay. Meaning the division has seemed to find it's first seller at the trading deadline. But with inter-league play in full swing, the buyers and sellers will become a bit more clear. I can't foresee a major trade for the Nats as injuries have clouded any vision as to where a need lies. A pinch hitter possibly, although Nady seems to handle it pretty well. All in all possibly a minor bullpen move is all I can see.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Sweep :(

After a sweep at the Atlanta Braves, the Nationals went to Miami for an apparent vacation, as they followed up the series by getting swept. Not exactly terrible, based on winning the road trip at very tough NL East opponents. However, the management has created a pitching...situation for lack of a better term. Chien Ming-Wang and Ross Detwiler have each been competing with one another for the last rotation spot with neither exactly getting a vote of confidence. Anytime one gets into trouble, the other is in the bullpen warming up ready to replace him. Quite a conundrum that may fuel a competitive fire within those two. Or...the lack of confidence could tear them down, but thats sort of a worst case scenario.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A sweep!

For the first time all season, and on national TV, the Nationals swept the Braves thus sending them on an 8 game skid. Sweeping the series has guaranteed the Nats a winning road trip to their three biggest divisional rivals. The pitching remained the star during the three game set with the Braves, but the once dormant offense has awoken and finally given the starters some breathing room. During the series, Ross Detwiler was demoted to the bullpen as Chien Ming-Wang returns to the team and the starting rotation. Chad Tracy and Jesus Flores were bitten by the injury bug, Tracy goes to the DL and Corey Brown gets the call to replace him. Flores should be fine, as he said he just tweaked his hamstring. So Maldando will get some time behind the dish as Jesus recovers. Up next is the Miami Marlins as the last series on the road trip started on Monday.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Road Trippin'

With the wild win on Monday night, the Nats got their big road trip off to a good start. This being only May, it's difficult to place a ton of importance on a 9 game divisional road trip, but with national prominence on the line, the stakes have been raised. The NL East is the only division in baseball where all teams are at .500 or better. So a road trip to Philly, to Atlanta, and to Miami is going to be a big test. During this trip pseudo closer Henry Rodriguez has been removed already. Leaving the door open for someone like Tyler Clippard who has recently stated his desire to do so. Craig Stammen has done exceptionally well making the transfer to the pen and could effectively set up or close. Sean Burnett has a little experience as a closer and has bailed Hot Rod out on two recent occasions. So there are options within the bullpen, skipper Davey Johnson just needs to make a decision. And quickly given the importance placed on this road trip.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Closer Struggles

As the Nationals remain atop the NL East, a troubling sign has emerged as temp closer Henry Rodriguez struggles to find his grove. Things started off strongly but are rocky as of late, blowing a save in Cincinnati and loading the bases last night against the Padres. Skipper Davey Johnson brought in Sean Burnett to close the door, which he did successfully. Unfortunately, these haven't been isolated incidents as of late, leading many fans to call for a new close, like Tyler Clippard, Craig Stammen, or Sean Burnett. However, I believe HotRod should be given at least one more shot. When he's in the right state of mind, he is very difficult to hit. A 100 MPH fastball is one hell of a weapon when aimed properly. But, if his struggles do continue, look for Johnson to go in a different direction, as HotRod isn't his permanent closer.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Best is Yet to Come

With the broken wrist Jayson Werth suffered repaired with surgery via the mayo clinic, he joins closer Drew Storen, slugger Michael Morse, and reliever Brad Lidge on the disabled list. Injuries for the Nationals so far haven't been a death sentence, but more of a hinderance. So far this year, the Nats have yet to have their full line up and bullpen ready and on the field. Yet they find themselves toward the top of the division. With many of the important cogs of this team shelved and not due back until around the all-star break, the GM Mike Rizzo has stated that the team will look for replacements from within. Normally this wouldn't be too big a deal, but so many members of the team struggling, there will be increasing pressure from the fans to get a hold of some help. If Espinosa can snap out of his sophomore slump and make opponents pay for walking LaRoche or Zimmerman, then a trade could be rendered unnecessary. So far, that has seemed like a big if. Xavier Nady has been right there with his struggles as well, but no one has emerged as a potential replacement for Werth. All in all, if the Nats can tread water until the big guns come back, then best truly has yet to come.