Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Sum-up

With another week in the books, the Nationals find themselves with another series victory and an opportunity for a sweep at Fenway Park. So far this year, the Nats have only lost one series, the sweep in Miami. Pretty spectacular. The Nationals still find themselves atop the NL East by a good cushion and the rival Phillies have seemed to fall apart without Roy Halladay. Meaning the division has seemed to find it's first seller at the trading deadline. But with inter-league play in full swing, the buyers and sellers will become a bit more clear. I can't foresee a major trade for the Nats as injuries have clouded any vision as to where a need lies. A pinch hitter possibly, although Nady seems to handle it pretty well. All in all possibly a minor bullpen move is all I can see.

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