Thursday, March 8, 2012

Take back the Park

A bit late, yes I know, but regardless it is something that should be discussed. This latest initiative being carried out by Los Nationals is a a plan to take back the home field from the hoards for Phillies fans that invade along with their team every time the comes to town for a series. The Nats are planning to so by giving fans in the DC are first dibs at tickets. This has caused a major uproar in the Philly community because one park isn't enough for some reason. I have no problem with this. If the tables were turned, those fans would be the first ones screaming for Nats fans to leave. This isn't about them specifically, it's about giving the team an actual home field advantage for the first time since Strasburg's debut. And one that will hopefully remain throughout the next couple of decades. With expectations of the playoffs for the first time in years, home field advantage will become that much more important. In a division as tight the East promises to be, this promotion is just fine in an attempt to steal a few more games that could ultimately decide the division.

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