Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Sum-Up

With Nats getting rained out today, along with most of the eastern seaboard, it seems as good a time as any to start a new weekly ritual by summing up the week that was. Obviously, the big topic is how well this team is doing, 12-4, and first place in the NL East. This has been mainly on shoulders of a major league best starting rotation. These guys lead the Majors in almost every major pitching statistical category. Both Ross Detwiler and Steven Strasburg are among the top five in the majors in ERA, Detwiler 2 and Stras at 4. However, when the starters can't get it done, which is exceptionally rare, the bats have been able to battle back and win the game late. This never say die attitude or natitude,(forgive me for that) has been a great addition to an already very good club. Also, with Rick Ankiel's return to center, an added bonus of runner's anxiety has come with it. Ankiel's killer arm, the best in baseball in my opinion, has already accounted for at least 3 runs saved just by his presence in the outfield. Runners know who's out there and just refuse to test his arm. As long as there is production from the LF position, there is no doubt in my mind this club will shock the pants of a lot of experts in the playoffs.

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